Anwyn is a large and diverse city, abundant in culture. Traders visit the St Leda Square from all of Clwyd to sell their goods. An adventurer could find everything they need here, from food to horses, weapons to armour; there are also many homely inns and taverns, such as the local favourite, The Buxom Elf, run by Hartly Hangtrymr, renowned for its comfortable and affordable rooms, inexpensive mead, and penchant for mild violence. And, of course, it is the place to go when searching for gossip and rumours. There are two other taverns in the city: The Silver Bolt, mostly used by aristocratic young gentlemen, and The Golden Dagger, the rumoured location of the Assassin’s Guild.

Scattered throughout the city, you’ll find the Watch moving beggars along and (trying to) prevent any crimes that may happen. At every gate, you will find at least three city guards – one watching, two snoozing. Often in the court yard of Anwyn City Hall, to the West of St Leda Square, you can see the army of Anwyn on parade; in peace-time, there is little else for them to do.

The two main powers in the city are the Government and the ruling noble. However, the main temples and guilds hold a great influence over the city, forcing the officials to take them and their views into consideration. This often causes strife when the Temples’ and Guilds’ views contradict each other; though, this is mostly cleared up quickly and hasn’t yet caused any major trouble.


24,567. Mainly humans. Also half-elves, dwarves. Few halflings. Dragonborn and Warforged found in the army.


Noble ruler: Delyn Dristr. Family: Catrid(wife), Newi (son). Race: Human. - Distr Hall, large mansion in the centre of the city.

City council/government: Lyrinda Kama (Human, female); Ryoden Corash (Human, male); Anwydth Bade (Half-elf, male); Aerhys Vale (half-elf, female); Gwynt Gwelior (halfling, female). - City Hall, near Distr Hall.

Other authorities: (see Organizations: Temples, Guilds)


Soldiers. Guards (City walls, Dristr Hall): Throdeos (Human, male) – head of the City Guard. City watch (City in general, City Hall): Menh (Human, male) – head of City Watch.


Inns/Taverns: The Silver Bolt, The Buxom Elf, The Golden Dagger.

Shops/other: Pegasus Stables; Rov, Tarr and Sons Smithy (Dwarven); The Trader’s Bazaar (unusual goods from all over Clwyd); The Hovel (food and adventuring supplies); City Library (run by the Mages’ Guild).

Marketplace: St Leda Square, City Centre – outside City Hall.


Temples: Influential – Asmodeous, Bahamut Non-influential – Erathis

Guilds: Influential – Thieves, Mages, Assassins Non-influential – Ordinary tradesmen (smithing, tanner, armorer, etc).


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